Financial Management

Financial management is the cornerstone of doing business. Deep understanding of what drives profit and cash is essential for succes.

Today we have unlimited potential of gathering business information. The biggest challenge is not to collect the information, but rather to create clear overviews and avoid information overload. Many companies have a giant source of business information which just needs to be converted into management decisions.


Examples of challenges

  • Backward looking financial information, which focuses on explanations about past periods instead of driving improvements.
  • Detailed collection of business information which is never used for anything.
  • Information overload with giant Excel spreadsheets, but lack of conclusions.
  • Uncertainty about the profitability of potential business initiatives.
  • Inconsistant reporting. Meeting participants bring different sets of numbers and spend their time on discussing what are the true numbers instead of making decisions.



MBR Management develops professional management reporting and forecasting models, which provide clear overviews and lead to solid management decisions.


Within your special focus areas we can provide deep-dive analyses, which bring new insight to business and financial matters.


We develop business cases as foundation for business decisions related to major strategical changes and investments.




Together we create:

  • Overview
  • Inspiration
  • Change
  • Progress
  • End-to-end focus

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