Value Chain Optimization

The value chain is a key source of competitiveness. The customers expect quality, agility, flexibility and cost efficiency.


The better insight to your value chain, the better the ability to accomodate the customers demands and at the same time optimize profit and working capital.


Examples of common challenges

  • Lack of end-to-end performance measures (KPIs)
  • Lack of transparancy of how decisions made in early parts of the value chain affects subsequent parts of the value chain
  • Lack of transparency of value chain cost drivers
  • Lack of ability to respond quickly to changes in market demands (agility)
  • Organisational silo thinking which leads to suboptimization
  • Need for purchasing optimization
  • Lack of risk management for the value chain
  • Too high working capital



MBR Management analyse the entire value chain or specific areas of the value chain in order to create transparency and identify improvement potential.


Action plans are developed with focus on improvements of market respons, reduction of working capital and risk management for inventories, customers and suppliers.


Implementation of end-to-end KPIs measures the efficiency of the value chain and makes potential internal siloes visible.




Together we create:

  • Overview
  • Inspiration
  • Change
  • Progress
  • End-to-end focus

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